Hello and welcome to Pawfection dog training, I am Helen 48 yrs young,   I am qualified in my field as dog trainer, pet psychologist and canine behaviourist and fully insured for your peace of mind.


Dog Training: Packages

  • Where? Wrangle
  • When: Summer please apply
  • Subject: Socialisation

In the summer months at base in Wrangle I will be holding socialisation sessions, theses sessions are to encourage good behaviour from your dog when meeting and greeting new dogs. In this session I want to teach you the body language of different dogs and signs to look out for.  Handling your emotions when our beloved pet dog greets another dog for the first time, your dog will pick up on your own anxieties which will add to bad behaviour of some dogs, your dog will have formed a bond with you and if you show any fear or anxiety you can guarantee your dog will react to this.

  • Where? Your Home or at ours
  • When: Please apply
  • Subject: 1-2-1 training

One to one sessions either at your home or at base in Wrangle Boston.  Both of these sessions will come with a full report of my assessment on the day and a full statement of training methods for you to keep up the good work to keep your dog on track to a well balanced live, please note I do not have a magic wand  but I do not leave a dog until we get a result the rest is down to you to keep the training up.

  • Where? At ours
  • When: Please apply
  • Subject: Fast Tracked Training

Fast track training  is where your dog will stay with me and will be trained on a daily bases. Again you will have a full report sent to you after your pet returns home.



Price list

  • 1-2-1 training at base £35 
  • Fast track training £60 a day
  • Please call for a quote on home visits.

Dog training, UK

I travel all over the country the list as follow:

  • Lincolnshire
  • Nottinghamshire
  • Derbyshire
  • Leicestershire
  • London
  • Bedford
  • Luton
  • Norfolk
  • King’s Lynn
  • Yorkshire
  • Cambridgeshire
  • Peterborough
  • Milton Keynes and all the surrounding areas.

How My Training works?

Why choose Pawfection? Because I offer something different, I don’t work off a training manual, I have my own way of working which is natural and can not be taught in a manual. I have had many years experience working with my own rescue dogs, and 100s of dogs I have worked with along my career. Known as ‘dog lady’ in my home town, loads of people have brought ways and strays to me, some I kept, some I re-homed. I never stop learning, I treat every case with a open mind, every dog is different and needs a different approach.

Please see my full training methods here.