Dog Training: how it works

Why choose Pawfection? Because I offer something different, I don’t work off a training manual, I have my own way of working which is natural and can not be taught in a manual. I have had many years experience working with my own rescue dogs, and 100s of dogs I have worked with along my career. Known as ‘dog lady’ in my home town, loads of people have brought ways and strays to me, some I kept, some I re-homed. I never stop learning, I treat every case with a open mind, every dog is different and needs a different approach.


If your having a problem nothing is too much for me, I get results and the session doesn’t end until I do. You are then left with a full training program to. This will then be emailed for you to refer back to. This gives you the extra help to keep things going smoothly.

I use the term 3 line training program.

  • Line one –  is all based on positive training reinforcement
  • Line two –  is negative training just like humans some dogs need a balance and they do learn from a negative aspect too.
  • Line 3 –  I call this the line that should never be used this line never sits well with any dog, its cruel and you’ll end up with dog aggression at some point or a fearful dog, we are not out to break a dogs spirit by using negative reinforcement.

I sit right in the middle of all the training methods, the middle line is where I draw the line, we need our dogs to work with us not against us, that doesn’t mean all positive as this system doesn’t work all the time and nor does the negative either, its my job as a trainer and psychologist to see what is going to work for your dog.

My Guarantee: I don’t leave until we get results and then I leave you with a plan of action for the future, if by chance you stop working with the plan you can guarantee your dog will go back to his old ways.



Take the first line of training and lets put it in the human context:

Take a child his name say is Jake –Jakes mum and dad always use a positive attitude with Jake, he never hears a cross word or a smack. Jake likes to play often where he shouldn’t, but mum and dad say no. Mum uses sweets as a correction of his unwanted behaviour eg- Jake if you stay this side of the fence I will give you sweets every time, if you go the other side of the fence you will not get any sweets. I can promise you one day Jake will go to the other side of the fence and think ‘oh well it’s only sweets I don’t need them anymore.’

Now take line 2

Lets use the same scenario but this time Jake’s mum and dad use a different approach.

Jake’s mum says ‘Jake I don’t want you going and playing on the other side of the fence its not safe and I would like it if you stay this side. If you disobey this Jake you will be grounded to the house for a mouth.’

I know what I would do stay on the right side!

Now take line 3

You should never cross this line two, in my eyes line two teaches the differences between right and wrong.

Line 3 is negative reinforcement, by using pain all you will get is one mixed up kid.

All you will get in a dog is signs of aggression or fear. Most aggression in dogs is man made and 90% based on fear.

There has been loads of scientific research in the behaviour of dogs.

Using the line 2 method of training works with every dog.

I turn your impawfections in your dogs to pawfection so what are you waiting for, it’s never to late for your dog to learn the pawfection way!!!