Helen has helped me loads with my german shepherd who kept barking at other dogs out on walks,thanks to Helens advice I can now walk her past other dogs without her barking

Kerrie Nimmo

I have a small dachshund (bitch) who may have not had the best start in life certainly hasn’t had basic training very scared, nervous and no recall. After time of building her trust i could not control her constant barking. I tried so many techniques that I read off the internet but unfortunately they did not work. So I had heard of this lady (Helen) who has a very good reputation for dog training e…tc… Well it’s the best decision I have ever made!!! She came round to my. House on her1st visit as she and I both agreed that it’s best for her to see Maysie (my dog) in her own surroundings as much as much as I was so worried about helen coming round as my Maysie does not. Like strangers and has bitten before just a warning bite but still the thought of somebody coming in worried me as in the past Maysie has never allowed. New people. Our home. Within 5 minutes Helen worked her magic and had already built the trust for maysie to take a treat out of her hand I was shocked to say the least. This women is a godsend for me and my family. Her heart is clearly in this job and not only did she show me what maysies behaviour means but she also explained to me why my dog was acting I that way. She has given me the knowledge to understand why maysie is acting the way she does. By the end of the visits he had maysie laying on the floor with her playing. For the first time I can honestly say that I have complete faith on this journey with Helen. I highly recommend this lady you will not be disappointed. Also for the first time in 3 years my Maysie did not ark at the dustbin men something I have been trying years for then Helen comes here and within 15 mins managed her control on barking with her technique!!!. Thank you Helen.

Samantha Warns

A massive thank you. Helen sorted out my 9yr Doberman so he doesn’t pull anymore on the lead I am now able to walk him and enjoy it very happy owner and dog xx

Lisa Roberts

Helen has performed miracles with our 8 month old puppy Maisie. Within just 2 sessions Maisie has practically stopped jumping up, nipping and escaping and refusing to come back when called. Within10 minutes of her first visit maisie began to show signs of submission after previously being “top dog” in our family! Thank you so much helen you have made such a difference to our family life.

Louise Donnelly

Wow this lady really knows her stuff , my dog was a total pain in the butt but Helen saw the problem and got him back under total control. My only wish is that I would of found her a long time ago, her understanding of dogs is second to none. She is so laid back in her approach my dog was just putty in her hands and his reaction to her presents just being in the room was amazing to watch all I can say is if anyone has a problem this is the lady for you ! i am just amazed WOW her way is so natural and without putting preaure on my dog or stress. I cant believe she has sorted out ody  just after one session and he has not gone back to the over powering dog he used to be. Helen you are the best in your field

Lisa  Harrson

I went yesterday, Helen is lovely ,one to one with my Talulah really helps ,gives her confidence to be herself ,I have two other dogs, so it really helped to see her on her own ,bringing out the best in her,i recommend Helen, will be going back.

Jeanette Waters

I can now walk my staffie cross with ease!! No pulling at all and even managed a walk with the pushchair too!! Fantastic!! Thank you!!

Rachel Potts